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Mitsubishi Express Servicing & Repairs

Australian Feet Maintenance is a one-stop auto repair shop for all of your automotive and Mitsubishi Express repairs and maintenance. Our expert team of trained technicians can quickly diagnose, repair and perform routine maintenance on all makes and models of all light to medium commercial vehicles, camper vans and all types or recreational vehicle or RV.

We are also a licensed and authorised RMS Inspection Station, saving you time during your next service or if you are of need of a E-Safety Pink Slip or Blue Slip Inspection. In addition we also offer mobile maintenance. If you can’t come to us, our highly trained, certified technicians will come to you.

Mitsubishi Express Repairs and Services Include:

  • Check engine light service
  • Tune-ups & Oil Changes
  • Engine Repairs/Overhauls
  • Front & Rear brake replacement & repairs
  • Hydraulics & Air-brake system issues
  • Wheel bearings & Disc rotors
  • Radiator & Transmission flushes
  • Emission Control

  • All electrical & lights
  • DPF filter maintenance
  • Scheduled warranty servicing
  • Gearbox & clutch repair
  • Steering & Suspension repairs
  • Radiator repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Fuel filters & Air cleaners

Log book Servicing & Scheduled Maintenance

At Australian Feet Maintenance we pride ourselves on using only the latest state of the art software and diagnostic technology to analyze and repair your Mitsubishi Express and a wide range of makes and models of commercial vehicles, trucks and RV’s. For more than 30 years, Australian Feet Maintenance has been servicing the Sydney local business community.

We are your one-stop fleet repair facility featuring a professional team of trained technicians who specialize in all types of diesel engine repairs and servicing. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for rapid problem discovery and offer complete repair, maintenance and inspection services.

In addition we offer Log book servicing for all new Mitsubishi Express vehicles and scheduled maintenance for vehicles out of their statutory warranty period. Our servicing schedules carry a warranty on parts & labor and we only use quality oils and fluids that are approved by the vehicles manufacturer.

If you own an Mitsubishi Express, call us to schedule an appointment for your next service or repair today!

DPF Cleaning & Inspection

In order to protect your vehicle and to maintain a reliable engine and emission performance, the internal filter substrate of your DPF must be cleaned on a regular basis. Your vehicles engine must also be properly inspected to make sure its running at peak performance.

Your DPF filter collects the soot and other materials coming from the engine. This waste can mask engine problems that were previously detectable by observing the black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. At Australian Feet Maintenance we recommend performing a thorough inspection of your vehicles DPF and the engine on regular basis.

Call us today on (02) 9666 6683 and ask about our DPF inspection service and preventative maintenance that will help with early detection of engine malfunction and any faults.

Diesel Service Specialists

At Australian Feet Maintenance we specialists in servicing and repairs to all diesel vehicles, from commercial vehicles Diesel 4WD and passenger cars. Our Diesel mechanics are experienced in diesel diagnostics and repairs and carry out servicing or repair and exchange replacement of diesel fuel pumps and injectors.

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